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Getting an Athens car rental is very straightforward – all the top rental companies such as Avis, EuropCar, Hertz, Budget and others have offices both at the airport and in the downtown area. To get the best prices, book ahead on the internet before you leave home. Basic models start at €40-50 per day.

Once you have your Athens car rental, you may find that driving around the city is much more hectic than at home. Many drivers in Greece make their way around the streets very fast, so make sure to drive safely and assertively. For example, do not decide to stop at a yellow light at the last minute, or the driver behind you may crash into you. Slow down well in advance, or continue on without pausing if safe to do so.

Navigating the roads themselves is easy, since the road signs use international symbols and are written in Greek and English. Be aware that parking is very difficult to find in downtown Athens, so make sure your hotel has a parking garage.

Your Athens car rental is also a great excuse to venture outside the capital on some fantastic day trips. You could head to the seaside town of Rafina and enjoy some great seafood, or visit Vravrona to see the famous ruins of the Temple of Artemis. Many beach areas are also located within easy reach of the city. If you are planning a trip to one of the Greek islands, consider travelling by ferry and picking up another car rental at your destination, as this will probably work out cheaper.


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